Online{2022] Who Won The Fortnite Cash Cup {Gratuit}

Who Won The Fortnite Cash Cup. By james peskett, april 26, 2022. Tiebreaker will be solved by the sum of victory royales, then by the average eliminations, then by the average tiebreaker placement, then by the average time alive.

Fortnite Solo cash cup YouTube
Fortnite Solo cash cup YouTube from

The fortnite world cup is an annual esports competition based on the video game fortnite,. Ajerss handled healing duties in the closing game to win the victory royale and dreamhack cash cup extra crown. The duos finals were won by nyhrox and.

Fortnite Solo cash cup YouTube

Rounding off the list we have world cup champion bugha and thwifo, who recently parted ways with ghost gaming. He managed to complete 14 matches, earning 116 points and 3 victory royales in total. Benjyfishy, the leading earner, blows everyone else out of the water with $52,350 earned from cash cups alone. 62 of those points came by way of elimination highlighting what mitr0 is best at.

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