Online{2022] Fortnite Update Log {Gratuit}

Fortnite Update Log. The latest fortnite update is officially live as version 3.49 brings the release of chapter 3 season 2: As a reminder, the update will be available for download and installation starting at 9 a.m.

Fortnite Update log Fortnite Update
Fortnite Update log Fortnite Update from

All shotguns have also been given a “max damage cap,” affecting how much maximum damage a single shot can deal. A lot of fortnite fans are stuck waiting in queue and want to know what that means for their chances of logging in. According to the official portal for monitoring fortnite status, fortnite is currently undergoing its scheduled downtime.

Fortnite Update log Fortnite Update

Epic games used to supply patch notes with each update of fortnite's three game modes, save the world, battle royale, and creative. Fortnite update 20.30 has released and we have all the updated information as well as the full patch notes. There's no new content arriving with today's fortnite update, with epic games confirming on twitter that the download you'll need to install on 5th may. Fortnite is back online and patch 19.10 has brought with it a whole host of brand new additions to the game,.

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